About Us

We at 6th Grain seek to transform the way farming is done. 6th Grain focuses on transforming farmer-provided data into information that can be used to increase success and uptake of in credit provision, high yielding seeds, fertilizer, fungicides and other crop protection services.

Using a flexible technology platform, 6th Grain delivers information data systems and online solutions that present farmer data, analysis, and visualizations needed to derive insight, extract meaning from the data, and drive evidence-based decisions for actors along the agricultural value chain.

Using weather, soil, remote sensing and farmer-provided data on farm management, we provide tools for agribusiness, financial institutions, farmer cooperatives and individual farmers.

Vladimir Eskin, PhD

Chief Executive Officer

Jackie Goh

Director of Asia and Chief Operating Officer

Teoh Teik Kee

Chief Financial Officer

Molly Brown, PhD

Chief Science Officer

The 6th Grain team contains the following expertise:

Satellite Imagery Analysis and Remote Sensing Experts – Given the advanced state of development of the satellite imagery analytics and remote sensing industries, the United States is the place to acquire talent. More specifically, the largest concentration of such resources is at NASA and the University of Maryland. Our Chief Scientist Officer, Dr. Molly Brown, formerly with NASA, selected the most promising experts in these fields and brought them into the company.

Data Scientists – We have partnered with various universities and corporations in India and China to bring data scientists into the company. Depending on the task and qualifications needed, we expand and contract our team of data scientists on short notice to stay agile.

Software Developers – Our software development center is in Russia, which remains the most attractive location to run such projects from both qualification and performance standpoints.


FieldFocus is a field-level farmer tool that provides agronomic and weather information as well as the ability to digitize fields and monitor their progress throughout the season, along with yield and water stress information for the field. The FieldFocus application creates a customer-centric agriculture environment and connect a farmer directly to off-take agreements and to financial and value chain services so that the risk of farming is reduced.


Products and Services

Maize and wheat cropped area

We use all available moderate resolution data from Earth science sensors along with time series analysis to discriminate maize and wheat crops from other crops and natural vegetation on an annual basis. Each year we re-run the analysis for the entire series to ensure quantitative comparability across years and locations. Cropped area is defined as the area sown during the growing season(s), regardless if the area is harvested or not.

This product helps determine size of market in a country or region, and as the basis for crop monitoring.

We work in partnership with governments and institutions to serve the needs of farmers in countries in Africa and Asia. We generate farmer registries that enable direct delivery of relevant products and services. We use technology to connect farmer information to geospatial data and models to improve direct farmer engagement and the level of services they receive to improve farm profitability.

The project provides a sophisticated Information Technology platform to generate digitized agricultural maps, data about soils, and implement registries for farms and farming. Such a platform will also include the process of distributing real-time information to all stakeholders for planning and other decision making purposes including service delivery to farmers.